Weather Clothing Suggestions

The weather conditions here on the southern shore of Lake Erie can be harsh at times , but we work and ride here at Horsehaven Stables all year round.  This can lead to some difficult and uncomfortable conditions for both working around the stables and whilst riding a horse if you are not suitably equipped and prepared for it.  Although you may think that you are comfortably dressed when you leave your house, experience has shown that it inevitably tends to feels a lot worse whilst at the stables and that people always tend to underdress for the weather conditions.

Please note that if Solange feels you are not appropriately dressed for the weather conditions that day, you will be sent home, so please ask questions if you are not sure for the day!

As such, we have decided to create this page to help everyone stay comfortable all year round and to enjoy their experience here at Horsehaven.


Solange will continue to teach thru the winter months. Generally if its going
below 20 degrees she will call or text that morning and reschedule the days

We recommend that our lesson students dress warm for their ride.  An under layer beneath jeans or breeches is a great idea, experience has shown that Under Armor works exceptionally well.  Layering with two long sleeved shirts and a coat works great.  Don’t forget your hat and gloves.  Also chemical hand and toe warmers make winter riding much more enjoyable 🙂


If you are planning to be in the barn all day, like our barn rats, we suggest stepping your gear up a little. Solange tells all the kids and parents the same list;Two long sleeved shirts, Winter coat (hoodies do not count), two pairs of pants with either snow pants or Carhart style overalls for when you are working.  Also a hat and finally water proof winter boots and gloves as it is very difficult to stay warm once wet.


Just as the extreme cold of winter can cause problems, the summer in Northern Ohio can also provide its challenges and difficulties.  Generally Solange will cancel lessons when the temperatures exceed xx degrees.  This is usually avoided however by planning on having the lessons either early in the morning, or in late afternoon and into the evening avoiding the peak heat of the midday sun.  Although you may avoid the worst of the heat, it is still very important to stay hydrated both before, after (and of course during) your ride, so be sure to bring a bottle of water or even better a Gatorade style sport drinks.  We do have a water cooler available in our tack room during the summer months, so we recommend bringing your own personal canteen too.  However we can not guarantee its supply, especially during extended periods of hot days and busy lessons scheduled.

Dressing for riding in the summer is far easier than winter, with a lot down to personal experience and preference.  However as a guide we recommend using either a polo or moisture wicking shirt.  Jeans are very hardy while working around the stables and can be used for riding, but you may find that a lighter material such as can be found in riding breeches can be far more comfortable during those hot and sticky days.


As with summer riding, what to wear whilst helping at the stables all day (i.e. Barn-ratting) is mainly a personal preference gained from experience.  Working at the stables can be hard on clothes, so we recommend using older clothes or at the very least clothes you will not mind getting worn, dusty and covered in horse slobber!  There is a surprising amount of water and mud involved with horses (washing, pastures etc.), so a good pair of water proof / rubber boots is essential to keep your feet dry.  Although they have some limitations, some people have had success with using personal cooling apparel / equipment such as cooling vests and neck ties.

The most important thing about helping at the stables during the summer time is to stay hydrated at all times.  We do have a water cooler in our tack room for everyone’s use during the summer months, but despite our best efforts we can not guarantee its supply – so please be sure to bring sufficient fluids of you choosing for yourself.