The New Horsehaven Stables

David and Solange discovered the property at Center Rd in late November of 2012, a former stables which was badly neglected and abandoned. After some researching we decided that the property had a lot of potential, especially for our needs and to pursue the purchasing of this property. After several long months of unexpected delays and problems with the seller we finally closed on the new stables in early April of 2013. The next several weeks were very frantic as we brought the stables up to a condition that it could once again hold horses and that the house would be safe to live in.

Both David and Solange were able to move onto the property by mid May, but the horses were not able to move into the new stables until the end of the month, with all horses moved by June 1st 2013.

Some of the many improvements include:
A new water well and piping to both the house and stables,
Industrial gutters for both the big and small barns,
Underground drain which plugs into the above mentioned gutters to prevent arena flooding,
All new electrical wiring and outlets in both barns,
All new lighting in both barns,
Removal and replacement of existing stall floors in both large and small barns,
Covering all stall floors with fitted rubber mats,
Installation of underground piping for future automatic waterers,
Removal of debris and replacement of riding arena footing,
Debris clean up of outdoor arena / pasture,
New stall walls in all of the large barn and most of the small barn,
Purchase of tractor and other farm equipment,
Gutted the tack room and its collapsed ceiling,
Created a new stall specifically for farrier use,
Re-graded the drive down to the stable buildings,
New large culvert to replace the existing collapsing one in main driveway,

June 2013 – Completed cross ties for use of all horses.

August 2013 – After much research, an arena drag was discovered and purchased which was more appropriate for our current arena footing, as our existing drag that was used at the old stables was not up to the job.

October 2013 – New front doors purchased and installed for entry from the car park into the tack room.  Drainage installed in front of the new doors where the water pooled after a rainstorm.  Purchased a vehicle with snow plow for use during the winter months.

November 2013 – Moved location of door and window into riding arena.  Created an insulated and heated observation room which also holds the hot water tank for use to water the horses.  Other details to help prepare the barns and tack room for winter.

December 2013 – Purchased a salt spreader that can be attached to the back of our snow plow vehicle.

January 2014 – Completed the second crosstie.

February 2014 – Replaced some existing wooden stall doors with metal gates in the small barn.

March and April 2014 – Purchased new saddles and other items of tack for the lesson program, both to replace existing worn equipment and to expand our existing range of tack.

May 2014 – Removed 2013 riding arena footing and had it replaced with ‘Ballpark Sand’ foot due to 12th May flood. Bought new Polaris ATV primarily for use in stables to pull arena drag and help keep new arena footing in top riding condition. The ATV will also be used to help with on property trail cleaning and will no doubt become an important piece of equipment around the stables in the future.

June 2014 – Trail path cleaning and clearing in the back 29 acres of woods.

We are still far from what we would like the new Horsehaven Stables to be, but we are fortunate to be able to make many improvements on a weekly, sometimes daily basis.

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