Horsehaven is a Sober Facility.

We do not believe in any form of sedation or tranquilization during the training or riding of our horses.

Solange has noticed a startling trend throughout the horse industry to rely on external “ quieting “ aids to subdue the horse instead of time, training and riding skills to accomplish goals.

Wether it is any of the multiple herbal supplements available on the market or the out-right abuse of veterinary drugs such as Acepromazine (more commonly know in the horse world as ACE ) Solange prohibits the use in her facility and on her horses.

Most professionals will not speak on the matter of sedating their horses but Solange has decided to take a stand and proclaim that we do not condone nor participate in this behavior.

There are no short cuts in horse training and no short cuts in learning to ride correctly.

If you were looking for the “Champagne Room” well…..You have come to the wrong place.

Here at Horsehaven we take our time, ride well, work hard and make good decisions.