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Side Saddle Riding

Sidesaddle_no_skirt_Devon_PAHorsehaven Stables is pleased to introduce the art of Side Saddle Riding as another one of it’s many unusual facets. “I am very happy to have finally achieved this goal of mine. It all came together so nicely this year.” said Solange. She added that while the challenge to her and her horses was demanding, it was all worth it.

Sidesaddle is the traditional way for a lady to ride. It allows for both of her legs to be carried on the same side of the saddle to help maintain her modesty.

In the horse world, sidesaddle is considered the epitome of elegance and beauty. Thus far, Solange has ridden aside in the Chagrin Valley Hunt’s Hound Parade at the Gold Cup, CVH’s Hunter Trials and of course in the hunt field.

Although Solange has taught many of her advanced students the art or riding aside, limited opportunities are available for lessons in side saddle riding as we do not currently have a large collection of our own saddles to cater to everyone’s requirements and ability.  We do plan on improving on this in the future, further improving the unique training we can offer both the horse and rider here at Horsehaven.