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Poteen was a fixture during his time here at Horsehaven with Solange.  He helped shape us to become the unique fox hunting and trail riding stables that we are today.

His influence came not just from his unique character, but also by being re-discovered through a mutual friend, by his former owner and at that time a current Master Of Foxhounds of the Chagrin Valley Hunt, Mr. Dick Desberg.  Mr. Desberg enlightened Solange to Poteen’s illustrious past and delighted with Poteen’s new life, he offered Solange an opportunity to try something new – Fox Hunting!

The rest as they say, is history.

From Solange:
“Poteen was one of my truest friends, and I call him the horse that started it all.  When I bought him at the age of 13, I had no clue of the education I was about to receive or the experiences I would have.

I would like to include a Letter I requested From Mr. Dick Desberg, Ex-MFH Chagrin Valley Hunt, and Poteen’s previous owner.

Poteen sparked the passion that still fuels me today. Poteen is simply the most amazing horse I’ve ever encountered.”


Dicks’ letter Follows:

Poteen – it was with greatest of honors to have had a truly brilliant fox-hunting horse as a dear friend. After discovering him in Canada as a dynamic four-year-old and being his buddy in the hunt field for over ten years, I can tell you that he was my closest companion.

Named for that magical, mystical, potent, elixir of Ireland, Poteen never gave anything less than his full heart, enthusiasm and talent. He is honest and kind and good. Under his macho façade he is indeed a loving gentle giant.

Poteen was a magnificent and extraordinary foxhunter: strong and brave, yet careful and forgiving. He was a commanding presence and took care of both of us be it the big rolling hills in the East or the difficult trappy land of our home country.

As my Whipper-in horse, he knew his job and handled it with the mind of a true professional. Poteen understood the sensitivity of working with puppies during cubbing season, yet told me where we needed to stand to properly assess the day’s hunting situation. I believe Poteen knew the huntsman’s horn better than any whippers-in most hound. As my Field Master mount, he possessed both the cool assessment of waiting for hounds at a coop and the breathtaking speed with which to follow the drive and excitement of the Huntsman on a “gone away” rip.

His record in Field Hunter Shows was equal to his role in the hunt field. Poteen has been Champion or Reserve in show after show after show. His name is on most of the trophies at the Chagrin Valley Hunt Club in Gates Mills, Ohio and he filled my drawers with ribbons. Poteen is truly one horse in millions and his name on the plaque at the Hunt Club that proclaims that he is indeed a “Legend of the Valley.”

There will never be another!