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Horses for Sale

Here at Horsehaven we have a very different view of Horse Sales then your average facility.

Does Solange raise horses, train them and sell them? Yes.
Do we also help current clients find the correct horse for them? Yes.

The difference in our sale program versus the average barn is simple. Honesty.

Yup, you read that right. Honesty.

In “horse traders” its a rare thing.

We don’t sell our horses out unless it is the correct long-term match for both horse and rider.
We strongly recommend the prospective buyer leases the sale horse for at least a month, if not longer, to insure a proper fit.
In that time, we tell the buyer to do everything with the horse that they would plan on doing in ownership to help ensure a smooth transition.

All of the horses that are for sale here at Horsehaven were broke and trained personally by Solange so she can describe to you their entire training and handling history with 100% accuracy.

All of our horses are broke, trained, ridden, jumped, trailrode and hunted with ABSOLUTELY no drugs. herbal, over the counter, or otherwise.

Please see our Sober Facility page for further info on that matter.

Below is a sampling of our horses currently for sale.

For information or pricing please email us and we will help you further.