Horsehaven Lesson Horses

These are some of our full time Lesson Horses used in our Horse Riding Lesson program.  There may be several other horses available for riding who are not currently listed, depending on the experience level of the rider and a boarding client’s need/request to have keep their horse(s) fit, healthy and in shape.

Horsehaven Stables a large selection and variety of lesson horses, suitable for all levels of riders – from absolute beginners who have never sat on a horse, to those who are jumping in the hunt field. The differences in breed, age and size provides a well rounded education for all students.

One of the unique qualities that few other barns can offer, is that all of the lesson horses are owned (and the majority of boarding horses) have been personally broken and trained by Solange herself to help enable a complete understanding between horse and rider.

You can see some of our current lesson horses on their following pages: