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Horsehaven Barn Rats

barn_rats_bestAs some of our horse riding lesson students progress in their riding, there inevitably becomes a time when they want to become more deeply involved with all activities at the stables and learn everything that comes with horse ownership. When this happens (and they reach certain age and ability requirements), they are invited by Solange to become a Horsehaven ‘Barn Rat’.

A Barn Rat is someone that helps us out here at Horsehaven for several hours at a time and are often rewarded for their hard work with extra saddle time and lessons. This is something that usually takes place on a weekend during school season, but it does also happen during the middle of the week depending on work load and the summer holidays.

As a Barn Rat, you will not only learn and experience many new things from being more hands on with horses that you can not get from simply doing a weekly 1 hour lesson, but you will also develop a camaraderie and new friendships from learning with and from your fellow Rats of all different ages. Quite often this has resulted in sharing with everyone the delectable delights that were made at home!

We try to do a lot for our Barn Rats, so you will often see them with us during the many functions we are invited to attend with the Chagrin Valley Hunt or Trails and Riding clubs.

Horsehaven has been through several generations of Barn Rats since the stables was formed – below is a selection of images of both current and past Rats that we have been fortunate to have had in years gone by:

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