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It is very disappointing that we have to say this on our website, but please do get in touch with us for correct accurate information if you have been offered a horse for sale that has apparently been trained and fox hunted by Solange here at Horsehaven Stables.  We are more that happy to confirm details and facts which may have been misrepresented on the advert for their sale horse.

Solange has been professionally training horses since she first started Horsehaven back in 2000, specializing in breaking young horses to saddle and working with trouble horses with behavioral issues.

She has a unique approach which is not breed or discipline specific.  This allows logic and reason to prevail.  She believes that horse training is results based and enabling clearer communication with the horse is paramount.

A well trained horse lives a long and happy life.  The best gift an owner can give their horse is a clear understanding of their place in the world.  Horses are outcome based prey animals, guiding them to openly communicate with the humans around them allows them to feel safe and comfortable in their environment.  When the horse feels safe and relaxed a majority of behavioral problems dissipate.

Horsehaven Stables offers both in our barn horse training as well as out of barn training calls and horse assessments.

Give us a call today, Solange enjoy discussing her training philosophy and loves a challenge.


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