Horse Leasing

For current students enrolled in our lesson program who have demonstrated a certain safe and proficient level of riding ability (as determined by Solange), we can offer the ability to lease or half-lease one of our lesson or even some of our non lesson horses.

Horse leasing can be an invaluable tool when used correctly.  Like many things in life, a lot can be said that the more time you spend in the saddle the faster that you are able to progress in developing your abilities.  Horse leasing allows you to have this extra time on your own schedule (with some restrictions), helping you to master riding by providing more of this valuable saddle time to practice working on items that you previously taught in your lessons.  Of course, as leasing is a flat fee for the time of your lease and not per ride, there is nothing stopping you from just coming in for an easy relaxing non-training ride purely to get away from the stress of work or life!

In a regular horse lease situation (outside of Horsehaven) you are stuck with only being only to use one particular horse during the entire duration of a lease, which can lead to several different problems. This can range from your horse not being available on a certain day you desire, to picking up bad habits from riding just the one horse, to your lease horse coming down with illness during your lease period. However, here at Horsehaven we can prevent most of these problems by offering you the ability to ride several different suitable horses during your lease period, so you are not stuck with just the one horse. Of course everyone has a favorite, so you can do the majority of your lease riding on which ever suitable horse is available!

It must be stressed that regular paid riding lessons have priority for lesson horses over their availability during a time that a client has a lease. This can usually be easily resolved by conversing with Solange ahead of time to compare her lesson teaching schedule with the dates and times you wish to ride.

Leases are available both as a full month lease, or as a half month (2 week) lease and can often be made flexible around vacation schedules etc.