october 09 110It is with regret that I have to inform you that we currently have no stalls available for outside boarders.

We are unashamedly a horse riding lesson stables first and a boarding stables second, but Horsehaven is proud to be able to offer full care horse boarding at our facility to those lucky enough to board at our facility.

As we have one level of service for all our clients, we do not offer self or partial care.  Horsehaven is primarily an easy going, non-pressure, Foxhunting and Trail Riding barn and as such we may not have all the facilities or services required for horse owners who wish to pursue and participate in competitive equestrian activities.  You will still be welcome here at Horsehaven no matter what discipline you and your equine partner wish to follow and we will always endeavor to help you and your needs when we can.

Since we teach so many first time riders, we have also come to specialize in helping first time horse owners with all the many challenges, difficulties and quirks that come with horse ownership.  This has led to a very happy, no drama experience for our clients, most of whom have been boarding with us for many happy years!  As such our boarding stalls are very quick to fill up during the rare occasions when one does become available.

We have also come to specialize in horse boarding and care for elderly and retired horses, with our current oldest resident Socrates having just recently celebrated both his 34th birthday and more than 10 years as a guest of Horsehaven.

Some of the other benefits from boarding at our facility include owners living on property full time for 24 hour care and security.  There is also 34 acres of property available to ride on, quick and easy access to all the nearby Cleveland Metroparks and bridle trails, as well as a commitment to continuing improvements and investments made to our current facilities.

Unfortunately, we are currently close to our maximum capacity for stall availability and so we are currently unable to accept any new outside clients for horse boarding at our facility at this time.

Things do frequently change, so please do check back frequently and send a message to us if you feel you will fit in with us and what we do at Horsehaven Stables as you might get lucky!