The true passion of Solange and the sport she loves to introduce to clients and juniors, is Fox Hunting.  Solange is a member with colors of the Chagrin Valley Hunt and has frequently been asked to lead its second flight of field members.  Over the years she has introduced many dozens of her students safely and successfully into the hunt field.  This has led to many of our current clients both young and old, who also became members of the hunt and regularly enjoy and participate in the hunt and all the social activities that it brings.

Solange has a tried and true method of preparing her students for fox hunting so that they can relax and enjoy the unique experience of riding to hounds.  Our clients start out with walk, trot and cantering in second field but can eventually progress to keeping up with the hounds at full cry, jumping coops and negotiating other natural obstacles that riding first flight can bring.

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A fabulous sport, set in gorgeous country, Chagrin Valley Hunt always welcomes all of her guests with enthusiasm and camaraderie.  Fox Hunting is a sport that must be tried and not to be missed.

Forms required to be completed before being allowed to participate with the Chagrin Valley Hunt follows:

Chagrin Valley Hunt Medical Release Form.

Chagrin Valley Hunt Release and Waiver.


Chagrin Valley Hunt 2012/12

Chagrin Valley Hunt 2010/11